Amplifying Opportunity in the Physical and Biological sciences Division

Enhancing student success through philanthropy


Supporting Students in
The Physical and Biological Sciences Division

Coastal Science & Policy Graduate Program Fellowships—Your gift supports an interdisciplinary graduate program that prepares students to design and implement solutions to the complex social, ecological, and technological problems facing the world’s coastal communities and ecosystems.

Science Communication Fellowships—Your gift turns scientists into journalists through an intensive nine-month boot camp that includes newswriting, feature writing, profiles and essays, investigative and policy reporting, international reporting, and multimedia storytelling.

Academic Excellence Program (ACE)—Your gift supports a community where students from culturally, ethnically, and economically varied backgrounds achieve academic success through science problem-solving sessions, study and communication skills, and networking.

Cal Teach—Your gift funds new, highly qualified science and math teachers for high-need California public schools. Cal Teach provides internships in K–12 schools along with seminars, advising, and financial support to foster undergraduates’ interest in and successful preparation for teaching careers.

Center to Advance Mentored, Inquiry-based Opportunities (CAMINO)—Your gift supports students from the first day of class to graduation and beyond by linking them with resources that prepare them for careers or graduate school in ecology and conservation. CAMINO offers diverse, well-trained mentors, connects students with funded research and field-based opportunities, and sustains a supportive, inclusive community.

STEM Diversity Programs—Your gift promotes diversity in the sciences by providing direct services that support students and bolsters their science identity through research training, professional development, academic support in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math), and activities that foster a sense of inclusion, acceptance, and community.

Curriculum-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE)—Your gift supports lab courses based on faculty-led research projects, where students gain intensive lab experience, including data analysis, critical thinking, and soft skills necessary for successful careers in the life science industry.

Kathryn D. Sullivan Fund for Earth & Marine Sciences—Your gift supports awards for students in Earth and marine science: one is an individual undergraduate award, and the other is for a research project by an undergraduate mentored by a graduate student.

Lamat Program—Your gift supports a summer program that introduces students from local, diversity-serving community colleges to methods and tools for state-of-the-art astrophysical simulations. Students who participate stay in science and graduate at higher rates than their peers.

Undergraduate Research in Science and Technology (URST)—Your gift provides monetary awards to undergraduate students working on research projects in science and technology, covering costs associated with conducting research and a stipend.

For more information about how you can help transform student success in the Physical and Biological Sciences Division:

Branwyn Stewart Wagman, Senior Director of Science Development

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